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High School & Post Graduate 

Basketball Academy

For over 25 years, the Aim High Academy High School & Post Graduate Program Academy has been providing players like yourself with the BEST CHANCE TO PLAY COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Our focus is on player development so YOU can work hard to become the best player YOU can be therefore creating college options for your future.

Our resumes are unparalleled in basketball development, but this program is ALL ABOUT YOU, NOT US.  Our program is designed to make YOU a college-ready recruit.


Success Story

Wesley Johnson was having limited success at his previous post graduate program.  So much so that his brother called our program MANY times hoping he could transfer in.  We were absolutely stacked with players...but thankfully we were able to find a place for him and he arrived at our program halfway through the season. 

He worked hard, dedicated himself...yet still found himself on the bench- though slowly creeping his way up on a very talented team.  Wesley finally got the call up for a national showcase game vs the #1 Stone Ridge Prep squad at the Flying to the Hoop Showcase...he and his teammates defeated that team and Wesley wrote his own ticket to the next level.

Wesley went on to sign with Iowa State, then transfer to Syracuse University- becoming Big East player of the year  in 2010.  

Wesley was drafted #4 by the Minnesota Timberwolves.



Our individual training philosophy is simple, You Are Competing Against the Game to Be the Best You Can Be.  Therefore, we coach each player to be able to handle the ball, shoot the 3 off the dribble, see the floor and be able to make solid passes.  Each player is taught to get in the lane and dig rebounds out and play tough, full- court, pressure defense.  We build COMPLETE PLAYERS.

Our game philosophy is Pressure D and Push the Ball!

We have a dedicated staff of professional coaches who are consistent with the Aim High International basketball Philosophies, they are passionate about basketball, and they are dedicated to your continual development.  

Student-athletes see local, regional and national competition as their training is enriched with both the developmental side and training components leading up to basketball season. 

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  • 24-hour access to the Aim High gymnasium and weight room.

  • Detailed player-specific on-court skill development.

  • Team practices that build upon themselves to provide logical college-style training.

  • A competitive schedule specifically designed to create opportunities for recruiting.

  • Aim High strength and conditioning program.

  • Performance training to develop and improve functional strength, speed, quickness, and explosiveness.


  • Individualized academic schedule to address each student's needs.

  • Customized learning 

  • Research-based courses

  • Intensive writing!

  • SAT and ACT test prep courses.

  • I-20 available through our partner programs.


  • We maximize college exposure for each player while putting you in the best style of play for success!

  • An online presence that includes your profile and your updated stats and game film.

  • A network of collegiate coaches who are looking for the next gym rat!

  • Extensive game video documentation for collegiate evaluation and recruiting.


Academic Development

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Aim High School Courses

A complete high school curriculum for Grades 7-12 is offered through our fully NCAA accredited program. Aim High academic programs prepare our athletes for challenges of the college classroom, as well as ensures eligibility at every level of college basketball.


Test Prep

Our test preparation class is offered 3 times per year to give high school and post graduate athletes the skills and confidence they need to improve on their standardized tests.


DUOLINGO Language 

Aim High offers a comprehensive program for competency and mastery of English, as well as preparation for the TOEFL English Language Test. Our academic program is designed to meet the specific needs of each student to help him function and flourish in an English language curriculum.

Application & Tuition

Get to Know Us

Domestic: $15,000

International: $25,000

Non-refundable deposit: $3500

Learn more HERE


Your son will be trained using the same methodology that has prepared college players, NBA players, pre-draft clients and international professional players for over 50 years.

While we can make no guarantees, it is not uncommon for an Academy player to receive additional financial aid from his eventual college that far exceeds his cost of Aim High training.


Aim High staff personally interviews each applicant to ensure that your desired destination is achievable and that you understand how hard you'll have to work to get there. You can contact us to set up a consultation with our veteran staff or if you know you're ready to apply click here to Apply right now.

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