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Work in the Dark....Shine in the Light!

Aim High offers YOU the opportunity to make significant improvement in your skill set through our  1 on 1 and small group instruction. For 1.5 hours, we will push you to get lower, dribble harder, explode further, and hang your follow through as you elevate your game past those around you.

We will assess YOUR current skill set and coach you to become the best complete player you can be -every single day.

There are NO PLATEAUS in this game- you are either getting better or getting worse. 


Sign Up Today 

  • Individual and small group training sessions based upon appointments.
  • $35 per hour for individual instruction and $20 per hour for small group instruction.
  • Call today to sign up!
  • All training is done at Aim High Academy

Who Should Join?

  • Players between the ages of 6-20

  • Beginning players learn the fundamentals which will build your game the right way.

  • Intermediate to advanced players- improve already established skills and learn new strategies for scoring, positioning, and defense.

  • Those looking to become pure shooters.

  • Those looking to become prolific scorers.

  • Those who want to handle the ball on a string.

  • Those who want to push themselves to be the best he/she can be!

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